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Heat transition for the industry in Flanders

Energik, Flux50, ODE Vlaanderen & Port of Antwerp are aware that providing sustainable heat / cold is a crucial part of the energy transition.  That's why we join forces and organise the event on heat transition for the industry in Flanders. 

Join us on 7 September (Port of Antwerp - Havenhuis, Zaha Hadidplein 1, Antwerp). 

The heat demand only from the industry in Flanders is more than 50 TWh / year. This is more than 80% of the total industrial energy demand. Industry has already taken significant efficiency steps, but the climate objectives still requires an increased effort. For the utilisation of waste heat through heating networks, for example, there are still a lot of lessons to be learned from the rollout of current projects. We need to know more e.g. about the use of heat / cold as a flexible energy source and  about smart controls that link electrification and heat.

At the same time, innovations in energy conversion, such as concentrated solar power (CSP), Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC), heat pumps and storage, are gradually finding their way to the market.

This event will update you on on heating/cooling innovation, solutions ánd challegnes for the industry diving in to concrete projects in Flanders.

Early birds pay 80€ - Register on the ODE-website 

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