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Experimental Operating Room

Together with its partners and the financial support of the Province of Flemish Brabant, Green Energy Park realized the "Operating Room Future Proof" project.  This project aimed at the realization of a "smart" operating room with a focus on 5 axes: hygiene, technology, infrastructure, people and energy. The realization of a smart operating room is a stepped process that starts with a virtual version of the operating room. This creation process involving both medical and technical colleagues leads to a supported, efficient and cost-effective result.

Partners for this project

The project initially started in 2017 as a 6-month feasibility study 'Experimental OR' within the Intelligent Renovation innovator zone. The project was led by Lavero Medical, who focused on the energy consumption of an operating theatre block. It applied an integrated approach to all the different components (concept, finishing, light, air, medical gases, power supply reliability) in a complementary team. In 2021 the project evolved to the ambitious project "Operating Room Future Proof".

Members involved

Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Priva Building Intelligence