Unleash your potential as a Flux50 member

Are you ready to supercharge your company or organization's growth, expand your network, elevate your innovations to an international level, and stay at the front runner of your industry? Get in touch with our account managers and discover the extraordinary benefits of a Flux50 membership.

Join our thriving community of members, which now includes nearly 230 members, all benefiting from our support and expertise.

Over the past six years, Flux50 has actively participated in approximately 80 innovative projects, including 40 feasibility studies, 10 research ventures, and 10 demonstration projects. This translates to a staggering €40 million in subsidies directed towards the energy sector to fuel innovation.

In these projects, Flux50 has played a pivotal role as a facilitator, guiding projects through submission, evaluation, and launch processes.

But that's not all. In 2024, we're taking our services to the next level. Starting January 1, 2024, we're introducing a new membership structure*, offering you the choice of 'Strategy,' 'Business,' or 'Basic' packages. Each package is designed to deliver even greater value for your investment.

Get more value for your money

As a Flux50 business member, you actively participate in our community. You have the opportunity to leverage our network, join working groups, engage in innovation projects, and gain access to industrial advisory boards.

If you choose to become a strategy member, you become the driving force behind innovation projects. Together, we work on developing roadmaps and aligning our agendas to organise tailored communication and events.

Project Contribution

Our tailored support for project submissions is yielding results, and we invest a significant amount of energy into it. Each project consortium partner subscribes to an enhanced "Business" subscription, aptly named "Project." This mandatory project contribution applies for at least the project's duration and covers a maximum of two concurrent projects. 

'Strategy' members, of course, enjoy unlimited project support.

So, if you're ready to take the next step in your journey, Flux50 is there to guide you!

* Are you already a member? As usual, we will inform you three months before the annual membership renewal and will provide information about any adjustments at that time.  You do not need to take any further action for this; we will automatically update your subscription. If you have any questions, we are, of course, happy to assist.

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