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Belgian Pavilion at Enlit Europe, Frankfurt

The Belgian Pavilion hosts 12 Belgian companies who work hard to design the energy systems of the future. They showcase state of the art solutions of what is being made in Belgium.

At our Pavilion you experience how innovative Belgian companies work on the challenges of decentralisation, decarbonisation and digitalisation taking the democratisation of the energy sector into account. 

Come and sense the strong collaboration that exists between partners of the industry, utilities, governments and R&D centres.

This Pavilion of Frontrunners is powered by 

  • Flanders Investment & Trade | FIT,  
  • Flux50 | Energy cluster in Flanders, 
  • Agoria and
  • AWEX

Find us in Hall 12, booth 12.0.B10

Pavilion event:  

Wednesday - 30/11/2022 


1. Reduce your invoice using flexibility (Haulogy - Eric Vermeulen)

Use case of a water distribution company who succeed to reduce his energy invoice making use of the flexibility available at the water pumping process. The Haulogy solution combines energy prediction, water demand forecasts, security levels and computes a water pump usage plan. This specific use case could be extended to other sectors.

2. Local Energy Communities – a new market model for a green future (aug.e - Stefan Lodeweycxk / Maarten Vyncke)

In an energy market that is becoming more and more decentralized with more prosumers, we enable new market models that will allows all different participants to be in control of their own consumed and produced energy and enable dynamic energy sharing, energy communities and virtual power plants through advanced AI algorithms and forecasting models.

3. How to solve congestion? (EnergyVille/VITO - Helena Gerard)

4. Transforming residential heating appliances into energy-saving storage devices (ThermoVault - Sandro Iacovella)

ThermoVault's solution provides fully-automated savings on consumers' heating bills at zero comfort loss, by optimising behind-the-meter tariffs (energy efficiency, self consumption of solar power and peak shaving).  In addition, all appliances are transformed into a profitable and cost-effective Virtual Power Plant, of which several MW's are providing commercial ancillary services.

5. Are you a future focused energy and utility company? (Ferranti / MECOMS - Mar Jorba)

The energy and utility market faces lots of challenges that generate also innovative business models. Think about solar panel sharing in an energy community, electric car charging stations, reducing water usage or optimizing call-center resources. By offering low intrusive custom applications and services, we help streamline all processes behind those business models.

6. AI in real-life: Do's and Don't (N-SIDE - Arnaud Debray) 

An interactive session to showcase real-life applications of Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence in the energy sector, in and outside Europe. Focus on what works... and what doesn’t.

7. A data-driven organization in the new age of Utility (Opinum - Louise Baufays)

A session to understand the current energy landscape context and see how a good data-driven approach can help utilities thrive during crisis.

8. Reduce CO2 emission in combination with a higher efficiency combustion process (By-Cast - Stefaan Janssens)

By-Cast is your partner for achieving targets for lower CO2 emissions and energy savings. Moreover, a DEKA air preheater (APH) can cool to lower temperatures than other solutions.  Hence our slogan: Efficiency makes your difference!

9. Easy, reliable and secure Operational Telecom (OTN Systems - Chris Proost)

OTN Systems is a leading supplier of mission-critical telecommunication solutions to industrial customers for more than 30 years. The company’s product line XTran is a flexible, state-of-the-art product allowing customers to go full packet. It’s a unique next generation platform tailored for the power utilities.

10. CE+T Power – The solutions to optimize your business performance and manage your energy consumption (CE+T Power - Ralf Hemecker)
Are you afraid that your business will be affected by a power failure? Do you feel that your return on investments on your PV is not optimal enough? Are you tired of paying astronomical amounts for electricity?  All this has huge negative impacts on your business, not handling them will increase your expenses significatively… Do you want to anticipate and avoid these situations?  CE+T Power has the solution to secure your critical applications and manage your energy efficiently. 

Expierence our exhibitors on stage at Enlit 

Wednesday 30/11/2022

EnergyVille supports the EIT InnoEnergy Career Impact Challenge

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