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Energy Sharing and Local Energy Communities

Groundbreaking for the Energy Transition

A shift towards local production, distribution and consumption is essential for the energy transition. Therefore the European Commission enabled concepts as “energy sharing” and “local energy communities” in their Clear Energy Package. Currently national and regional governments are looking into the implementation of these concepts in their own regulations. 

Different experts and stakeholders will take the floor to mirror these theoretical concepts to real running projects. This in order to find out the most opportune way to apply these concepts. 

Local production, distribution and use of energy are crucial in the energy transition. The European Commission launched the Clean Energy Package to enable initiatives such as energy sharing and local energy communities (LEC’s).

Find out more on how energy sharing and LEC’s can become a new reality.  

On 22 September and 13 October, Flux50, ODE, Technlink, VITO and COGEN Vlaanderen will jointly organise two events at which various experts and stakeholders will present their views and we will substantiate the theory with real projects that are already being rolled out. All this will take place at a very suitable location: the Thor Park in Genk and RodeBol Events in Ghent.

Both study days can also be followed integrally via live streaming. As soon as you register for this, you will receive a link from us to follow the study day. You can also choose to follow a study day physically and a study day via live streaming. 

22/09 - Genk: Program, info & registration

13/10 - Ghent: Program, info & registration