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E. Van Wingen receives “Solar Impulse Efficient Solution” Label

E Van Wingen received the “Solar Impulse Efficient Solution” Label, a prestigious award for clean and profitable solutions.

Solar Impulse Foundation awarded 'Hydrogen powered ICE CHP' the “Solar Impulse Efficient Solution” Label following an assessment on three main topics of Feasibility, Environmental and Profitability performed by independent experts. It is thereby joining the #1000solutions challenge, an initiative by the Solar Impulse Foundation to select solutions that meet high standards in profitability and sustainability and present them to decision-makers to fast-track their implementation.

'Hydrogen powered ICE CHP'

Aiming to collaborate on solving problems of grid congestion and grid stability, among others, "Hydrogen powered ICE CHP" seeks to create a 100% green energy landscape including autonomous buildings and local grids. ICE CHP running on H2 is the component that ensures that electric power at 0 g CO2, heat or cooling, are always present in the autonomous micro-grid, even when the sun is not shining or when there is no wind. Its aim is to link energy flows like electricity, heat, cooling, mobility, etc. At moments when the locally produced power is higher than the local electric power demand, green electricity will be stored in hydrogen storage tanks. ICE CHP running on H2 will transform the stored green hydrogen back into useful energy flows like electricity, heat, cooling, mobility, and will supply power to the local grid. ICE CHP running on H2 CO2 emissions are ZERO! At the end and when the circle is round, nearly no renewable energy that was stored in hydrogen got lost and hydrogen is condensed back into water. 

The Solution allows for cost-efficient conversion of stored renewable energy into a useful power source at all time