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Efficient Solution Label for Azteq's Concentrated Solar Thermal Solution!

As a Christmas present Azteq was awarded with the Efficient Solution Label of the Solar Impulse Foundation.
Azteq's CST platform technology, companies can substantially reduce their carbon footprints generated by the mainstream alternative (burning gas). By harvesting the sun's thermal power based on concentrated solar thermal technology, Azteq's expertise helps companies to reach their corporate sustainability goals and ambitions. The CST platform provides high-temperature thermal energy with zero CO2 emission. The parabolic mirrors concentrate solar irradiation on a collector-tube in the focal line, generating temperatures up to 400°C in the collector. The thermal oil running through the collector tube is piped into a heat exchange unit. Depending on the customer application the exchange unit generates steam or heated thermal oil going into the industrial process of the customer. Azteq's business proposition based on a heat-as-a-service model provides a low and stable energy price which is beneficial for stakeholders.

The Solar Impulse Foundation will reach the pre-set goal of 1000 efficient solutions by the beginning of next year's spring. The solutions that receive the Efficient Solution Label contribute to the SDG’s 6 (water), 7 (energy), 9 (infrastructure & industrialisation), 11 (sustainable cities) and 12 (sustainable consumption and production).


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