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EU project in the picture: RegEnergy

North West Europe (NWE)  is one of the EU’s highest energy consuming regions. The share of renewable energy in the region’s production and consumption mix is low and there is a strong dependence on non-renewable energy sources. 

In the RegEnergy project 9 projectpartners from 7 NWE countries, representing metropolitan regions, cities, rural communities, regional agencies, scientific institutions and renewable energy producers will develop strategies and models to illustrate how such partnerships can be built. 
In three strategic areas the missing regional links between demand and supply from renewables will be addressed: The institutional and administrative framework conditions (e.g. cooperation agreements) as well as the main infrastructure (e.g. biogas pipelines) that such partnerships require are as central as the question of required technologies (e.g. smart grids, storage capacities).

RegEnergy aims to break up existing structures for increasing the use of renewable energy in NWE regions. Creating renewable energy demand–supply partnerships between urbanised and surrounding rural territories will lead to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

In their recent webinar Anne-Marie Cabon from Brest métropole and Flux50 CEO Frederik Loeckx gave interesting findings from their daily business routine. They provided insights into the challenges and opportunities of local energy communities and presented institutional partnerships with backcountry communities and the cooperational work within these regions.

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