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Flux50 is the new scout for Flanders frontrunners for the World Alliance of Efficient Solutions

With the support of the International Cleantech Network (ICN), Flux50 is now an official scout in charge of finding 1,000 efficient solutions to drastically reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions worldwide. 

Flux50 is supporting frontrunners in the energy transition in Flanders to apply for this label. We’re convinced that our entrepreneurs, modest as they are about their achievements, could use a hand promoting their solutions.
But what is this initiative and what does the label stand for?

One thousand solutions for sustainable energy 

1,000 Solutions is an initiative by the Solar Impulse Foundation, to support ground-breaking technologies in order to scale them. Bertrand Piccard is the man behind Solar Impulse Foundation. 

He wants to select 1,000 solutions to reduce our impact on the environment while enabling economic development, and pitch them to decision makers.
To take on this challenge, he created the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions, bringing together innovators, investors and solution seekers.


The solutions are being awarded the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution label by independent experts. The label has a number of benefits:  It

  • facilitates market access
  • offers greater appeal for investor
  • further contributes to your environmental advocacy work
  • opens opportunities to receive feedback from industry experts
  • lends credibility to the solutions selected
  • gives your solution greater visilibity

Which solutions are eligible? 

Of course, technological feasibility, environmental and socio-economic benefits, and profitability are key conditions to apply.
The solutions can be products, processes or services, and must cover one ofthe Sustainable Development Goals and topics.
Both prototypes and fully commercialized solutions can qualify. The most relevant topics for Flux50 members are:

  • Air pollution
  • Smart cities
  • Green building
  • Global warming
  • Energy crisis
  • Hydrogen mobility

A selection of label recipients, supported by the International Cleantech Network and Flux50, will be able to showcase their solutions to the world (investors, solution seekers, decision makers, etc.) at COP26 in 2021.

QPinch – A success story in Flanders

Qpinch successfully applied for the Efficient Solutions Label (hyperlink), for its chemical heat transformer. Flux50 supported this project through a feasibility study in 2017.

Christian Heeren, Co-Founder of Qpinch, is very happy to have received the label. To him, the application process is an opportunity to really analyse one’s business. The free feedback from the expert panel makes for a stronger business case and the network of investors and solution seekers offers many opportunities for global business development.

Flux50 is here to help you succeed!

As a 1,000 Solutions scouter, Flux50 is here to help you with the application, to give you more information on the process, the World Alliance of Efficient Solutions, and the benefits of having the label.

Be part of the movement and let your business grow. Contact  - T 0486 18 39 42 for help.