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Make your meter smart!

Together with the Environment Department, Fluvius and Volta, Flux50 created the new website Through the website, owners of a smart energy meter can find out about the full potential of the technology at a glance.

They can link several apps to the meter, and even control certain electronic devices remotely! It’s all designed to reduce energy use – and of course, households’ gas and electricity bills.

Towards smarter energy use

The new digital energy meter are crucial to the transition towards a new energy landscape. The built-in technology receives and sends data, adapting the cost of energy to availability on the market at certain times and making it cheaper to use energy at specific points of the day. By receiving this smart information, the owner can adapt their energy usage accordingly.

Smart home, smart energy, smart meter 

It combines greatly with smart home appliances. For instance, using an app, the owner can turn on the heating when they leave work or set their washing machine to run on power from the solar panels on the roof. The smart meter immediately shows the impact of small decisions on the owner’s energy consumption. 

Informing users to the full

Through the website, we want to inform owners of the full potential of the technology. It offers a clear overview of all the apps that can be linked to a certain meter This allows owners to manage their energy consumption to the full, thus contributing to a better environment.