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​Near grid Solutions installs its first  mobile battery and is awarded the Solar Impulse Efficient Solutions label

Near grids Solutions is the company that was born out of Mobile Green Energy System - a Flux50 feasibility study. The project was the presented in our first webinar on projects powered by Flux50: E-stories innovation.  

This month Near grid Solutions  kicked off with their first project. Behind the existing Kloosterhof in Stekene, Vandenbussche is building an apartment building with 48 residential units divided over three residences. This green mobile city battery  - Green Box - provides clean, safe, quiet, secure and affordable electric power on site to  feed two tower cranes, the sites chain and current with 3f-40A power supply. 

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Update: The Green box by Near Grid Solutions has been awarded the title of Solar Impulse Efficient Solutions label, making it one of the 1000 solutions that will help protect the environment