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The City of Antwerp identifies nine possible heating net locations

Achieving sustainable heating for a significant part of its residential buildings in the future is high on the Antwerp city council’s agenda. Together with distribution system operator Fluvius, they looked into several possibilities for district heating locations, armed with a new heat zoning map. 

New heat zoning map

Antwerp is committed to becoming climate neutral by 2050, which means fossil fuel emissions need to drop drastically. That is why the city is actively  searching for fossil-free heating alternatives in its public and residential buildings. 

With a new heat zoning map, they have determined which technology works best where. It’s a blueprint for future heating policies that makes it possible to zoom in on certain parts of the city, and develop sustainable heating alternatives tailored to each area.

Pilot projects

Using this innovative technique, the city has identified nine pilot areas for new district heating grids. While a connection requirement is already in place for installing heating grids in new developments, older buildings and areas also need to be addressed. 

By financially contributing to the project, the city of Antwerp has given the green light for the construction of a pipe under the Royer lock, which will bring excess heating from the port into the city.

Find out more about the possible locations and the technology behind it!