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SMARTENERGY Six pack training series

Online advanced training & B2B on game changing energy trends



As part of the Clean Energy Package of the European Commission, energy communities are introduced as a way to grow the installation of renewable energy and to offer citizens the opportunity to participate in the energy market. 

In these 6 online advanced trainings Flux50 and TWEED give you an overview of the concept of energy communities, what they can or can become, the Belgian value chain with topnotch R&D actors and SME frontrunners. And what about the regulation and business case?


  • 23/02 - Energy communities: technologies and digital tools
  • 02/03 - What's the impact of regulation on energy communities? Cases from Belgium, France & Italy
  • 09/03 - Energy community projects in the EU1
  • 06/03 - Meet the Belgian R&D players: innovation & knowhow for the implementation of energy communities
  • 23/03 - Meet some of the Belgian hardware frontrunners SME's for energy communities
  • 30/03 - Workshop: business cases for Energy Communities

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The specific objectives of the SMARTENERGY project are:

  • Increase the business support capacity of the clusters in the partnership, with a specific focus on supporting SMEs to bring to the market new products and services which need to increase their maturity and readiness level from the final prototype level (TRL 7) to the production/commercialization level (TRL 9)
  • Support at least 42 SMEs, 10 clusters and 8 technology centres/scaling up support organizations in accessing the global market
  • Strenghten the 6 individual cluster strategies, integrating specific targets related to cooperation between energy and IT for differentsectors.
  • Develop a common strategy for the ESCP, focused on the design of a alliance or metacluster for energy transition at EU level

Six pack training

The SMARTENERGY project set up six pack training series on 4 different topics !

  1. Hydrogen Technologies - starting 17/02 - more infore & register
  2. Energy communities - starting 23/02 - more info & register
  3. Smart grids - starting 04/03 - more info & register
  4. Smart buildings - starting 12/03 - more info &  register

In 6 webinars each topic covers the value chain, specific technologies, important R&D players and SME's, workshops and meet & match session.

Target audiance 

you ! 

EU energy R&D stakeholders (SME's, Research Institutes & Universities, Incubathors, Living labs, clusters, ...)

Full dates and programmes are available here.

All participants have access to the downloads via the private mailing we sent out the day after. 

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