Internationalise. That’s the third pillar in the strategy and functioning of Flux50. In this pillar, we support our members in stepping into new markets. We support them through our:

  • EU and international network that we continuously expand through our participation in EU projects (Solarise, RegEnergyCrossroads 2 Sustainable Energy, ConnectSME,  SMARTENERGY, SMEL-I, STEPS ...). International networks like ICN - the International Cleantech Network and ad hoc or more structural cooperation with other clusters, e.g. cluster TWEED. This network enables Flux50 to be in the know of the latest trends in the energy landscape, exchange and learn to serve our members at our best and find the right partners. 
  • Participation in international events and fairs like Enlit  and missions (in the past to Morocco and more to come)  together with our members. We frequently make use of the appreciated support of FIT -  Flanders Investment and Trade.
  • Ad hoc support for members in targeted countries helping them to explore new markets and attracting foreign companies to visit and make use of living labs in Flanders

In this page you can find info on: 

  • international events, fairs and missions that Flux50 believes is worthwhile for the energy community in Flanders; 
  • successful EU projects  - project in the picture - and new initiatives from which we can learn more about topics that are also at the core of Flux50; 
  • Call for proposals to cofinance your innovation cooperation with companies and research institutes from other (EU) countries; 
  • Top notch opportunities for you to display your company and solutions internationally (like the Efficient Solution Label of the Solar Impulse Foundation). 
  • EU projects where Flux50 is involved as a partner. 

Get in touch with Ariane (E - T +32 486 18 39 42) if you have any questions or require further support for your internationalisation.