Flux50, the Flemish Energy Cluster supported by Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship, revealed its name and logo on May 10, 2017. Flux50 was formed in response to a ‘call-to-action’ from the Flemish industry. There were seven milestones in the consolidation process (2015-2017) of the cluster.

OCTOBER, 2015 

Stakeholders from the industry, research organizations, federations and governments embark on a journey that will lead to the creation of Flux50. There is a common awareness that the clean energy economy is booming worldwide: the market for innovative, multidisciplinary energy solutions is growing due to the transition towards low carbon energy systems. Nine organizations agree to work together to position Flanders internationally as a Smart Energy Region. Agoria, Voka, Pixii - Kennisplatform Energieneutraal Bouwen, VCB, Living Tomorrow, EnergyVille, iMinds and Ghent University join forces, headed by Smart Grids Flanders.



A seminar on Energy Vision at the Antwerp Harbor, organized in cooperation with Havenbedrijf Antwerpen and I-Cleantech and attended by 90 participants, forms an early basis for the industry engagement in the energy cluster. All attendees share the ambition to enable and foster cross-sectoral (energy, ICT and construction) collaboration to develop integrated, systemic solutions. Five innovator zones are selected to ensure a clear focus of efforts. By that time, over 150 Flemish cities and communities have signed the Covenant of Mayors. This is considered an important lever, since smart cities and communities are crucial living labs for cross-disciplinary solutions.

EARLY 2016

Industrial brainstorm sessions in January and May 2016 provide a clear view on the (segmented) service offering that leading innovative companies in the Flemish region expect from the energy cluster. The five innovator zones are finetuned in terms of focus, supply chain and potential member companies.


MAY 26, 2016 

The Flemish Energy Cluster formally presents its intentions through the publication of a white paper. This impressive piece of work reflects the ambitions and needs of the Flemish smart energy industry. It is supported by the relevant bodies in the members/governance structure of the nine organizations behind the cluster. At a launch event attended by over 180 stakeholders, Frederik Loeckx – at the time Managing Director of Smart Grids Flanders – steps forward as the future Managing Director of the cluster. The launch event makes some national newspapers and receives positive response. The first Letters of Intent, by which companies engage themselves within the cluster, start to arrive.


SEPTEMBER 30, 2016 

The companies that have formally agreed to take up the highest level of engagement in the energy cluster – like ABB, Niko, Havenbedrijf Antwerpen, Proximus, Havenbedrijf Gent, Actility Benelux, Fluvius, Condugo, Enervalis, Fifthplay, Ferranti Computer Systems, VOLTA and ESAS– are invited to a workshop on September 12, 2016. The insights of the workshop are incorporated in the final version of the Proposal for a Flemish Energy Cluster, submitted to the Flemish Government on September 30, and supported by 71 engaged parties, mostly companies.


DECEMBER 16, 2016 

The Flemish Government agrees to support the Flemish Energy Cluster. Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship selects the cluster for energy in its ‘Clusters for Growth’ program with the motto ‘Together for strong growth by innovating and internationalizing’:

“Flanders can stand to be a little more innovative concerning entrepreneurship. There is a need for more innovation-spirited companies with strong growth ambitions and an international outlook. We commit to a strong partnership between these companies, knowledge centres and governments in order to set up activities that lead to an economic added value for both the individual and a large group of companies. Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship joins forces and combines resources with its cluster partners.
Discover the other clusters at www.vlaio.be/clusters. #sterkgroeien
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MAY 2017 

Smart Grids Flanders, the driving force behind the Flemish Energy Cluster, ceases to exist. Its Articles of Association are amended to allow the official foundation of Flux50 – the new name of the Flemish Cluster for Energy. The new name, logo and website are revealed at a high-profile event hosted by Proximus on May 10, 2017. Flux50 launches a Feasibility Study Call. If all goes to schedule, the first innovation trajectories/living labs will start early 2018.