Clean energy as a driver of economic growth

Today, the transition towards the energy system of the future is creating growth and jobs worldwide. 

Flux50 wants Flanders to play a leading role in the booming international smart energy economy. 

The ongoing energy transition needs to ensure affordable energy for all consumers, increase the security of the EU’s energy supplies and reduce our dependence on energy imports. Flanders has all the assets to be a Smart Energy Region, which is an increasingly strong economic driver, and Flux50’s goal is to reinforce these assets. We ensure innovation by supporting projects of Flemish companies and by stimulating cooperation. Furthermore, we also participate in promising international innovative projects. 

A low-carbon economy is highly important and will bring environmental and health benefits that are essential for the future of our planet and humanity.

Flux50 offers you:

  • Knowledge about the newest technologies;
  • A network of companies, governments, cities and towns and other organizations;
  • The newest innovative projects and technologies.

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Flux50 aims to enhance the international competitiveness of the Flemish smart energy industry.

Our organization helps Flemish companies from different sectors (energy, IT & building) to seize economic opportunities inherent in the ongoing transition towards a sustainable and clean energy system. Flux50 also facilitates collaboration between Flemish companies, research institutions and policymakers.

Flux50 assist Flemish players to bring innovative and fully integrated energy products and services to three segments of the international market:

  • Energy-efficient industry
  • Sustainable communities and cities
  • Smart homes

Therefore, Flux50 sets up and coordinates projects and living labs in five innovator zones: Energy Harbors, Microgrids, Multi-energy Solutions, Energy Cloud Platforms, Intelligent Renovation

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