Clean energy as a driver of economic growth

Clean energy is an increasingly strong driver of economic growth. This interesting fact is too often left unstressed, because the transition towards a sustainable energy system is mostly described in terms of targets, regulations and societal benefits. For instance: Flanders is working towards three key targets under the European 2030 climate & energy framework: at least 40% cuts in greenhouse gas emission (from 1990 levels); at least 27% share for renewable energy and at least 27% improvement in energy efficiency. The ongoing energy transition also needs to ensure affordable energy for all consumers, increase the security of the EU’s energy supplies and reduce our dependence on energy imports. Obviously, a low-carbon economy will also bring environmental and health benefits.

Flux50 realizes the economic opportunities of the transition towards a sustainable energy system are considerable.
In 2014, the price of renewables-generated electricity reached the tipping point of 5 eurocent per kWh: profitable sustainability has become the new reality. Today, the transition towards the energy system of the future is creating growth and jobs worldwide. Flux50 wants Flanders to play a leading role in the internationally booming smart energy economy. Therefore, we bring together Flemish companies from different sectors (energy, IT & building) with local research institutes and policymakers.


Making Flanders
an internationally competitive
Smart Energy Region

Collaboration and a clear focus are key to create a competitive Flemish smart energy industry. In May 2016, at an early kick-off event, Managing Director Frederik Loeckx stated Flux50’s vision:

Flemish companies should collaborate with a clear focus on specific market breakthroughs

“The transition towards a new energy system is full of complex challenges. It involves energy-active buildings, electricity production by consumers – the so-called ‘prosumers’, smart grids, integrated energy vectors offered as a service, new technologies with intelligence and full connectivity… There is a booming international market for innovative and full-integrated energy products and -services. 

To bring such complex, integrated solutions to the market, Flemish companies should collaborate in complete, cross-sector (energy, IT & building) ecosystems of small and large enterprises with a clear focus on specific market breakthroughs. Flux50 aims to facilitate this collaboration and will therefore set up and coordinate living labs in five innovator zones that correspond to the existing strengths of the Flemish smart energy sector.

With the support of the Flemish Government and in close cooperation with our internationally acclaimed research institutes, we can position Flanders as an internationally competitive Smart Energy Region, where clean energy is a driver of future economic growth.”



Flux50 aims to enhance the international competitiveness of the Flemish smart energy industry.
Our organization helps Flemish companies from different sectors (energy, IT & building) seize the economic opportunities inherent in the ongoing transition towards a sustainable, clean energy system. Flux50 also facilitates collaboration between Flemish companies, research institutions and policymakers.
Flux50 helps Flemish players bring innovative and fully integrated energy products and – services to three segments of the international market: 

  • energy-efficient industry, 
  • sustainable communities and cities and 
  • smart homes.

Therefore, Flux50 sets sets up and coordinates projects and living labs in five innovator zones:

  • Energy Harbors
  • Microgrids
  • Multi-energy Solutions
  • Energy Cloud Platforms
  • Intelligent Renovation