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Infinity from Smappee is awarded with the Solar Impulse Efficient Solutions label

Infinity from Smappee is the 5th Flemish innovation that receives the the Solar Impulse Efficient Solutions label. Since 1 year Flux50 is scouting for Efficient Solutions contributing to the SDG's (Sustainable Development Goals).  So far 4 Belgian companies (Azteq, Near grid Solutions, Samen Klimaatactief/Climate Active Together & SoTrad Water) successfully applied for the label with support of Flux50. Infinity joins this list. 

Read here why Smappee Infinity was awarded the label.

What is Smappee Infinity?

Smappee Infinity is an all-in-one smart energy management system for residential, commercial and industrial users. It monitors solar PV, home storage, individual or groups of appliances and complex energy consumers such as heat pumps, air conditioning or electric cars. Via the user-friendly app and dashboard, users can see real-time and historical energy data by day, week month and year. These tools also allow users to add smart control over connected appliances and set automation that enhances energy efficiency, comfort and cost savings. Thanks to these automation and dynamic load balancing, Smappee features optimized self-consumption and smart charging. The system is future-proof and can adapt to any scenario, allowing over-the-air updates and extra modules to be added at any time. Smappee Infinity is a global solution that is compatible with all inverters and almost any electrical installation worldwide.

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