Development project on pilot scale


This type of project has already reached a sufficient stage of maturity. For example, the concept has already been proven on a smaller scale but it is not quite ready to be rolled out commercially. The business case is clear; however, the last step of the development phase (e.g. demonstration at larger scale) has still to be evaluated.


The call is open to consortia of minimum 3 commercial market players with (future) activities in the Flanders Region. 

In addition the cluster requires that:

  • All official partners in a feasibility study are paying members of the Flemish Energy Cluster. Membership is possible at two different levels of engagement. For more info contact
  • One of the partners (preferably the coordinator) is a Flux50 member at valorisation level.
  • Consortia can team up with research institutes for more in depth knowledge on the subject. Research institutes can join the project as subcontractor or research partner which is financed by one or more of the consortium partners.
  • The coordinator is not coordinating more than 1 development project at a time.


The base subsidy percentage is 25% with a top-up of 10% for collaboration: with an SME and another 10% for medium sized companies or 15% for small companies.

The total subsidy per partner is restricted to € 1 000 000. The minimal amount of subsidy requested should be larger than € 100 000.

  • Submission email address:
  • Documents: submission proeftuin, preregistration proeftuin, cost model, criteria proeftuin
Call Pre-registration deadline Registration deadline
31/08/2019 30/09/2019
31/12/2019 31/01/2020