Strategic Basic Research 


Innovative research by research organisations, for which a cluster of companies is eagerly anticipating to adopt on the middle to long term, can be executed as a cluster Strategic Basic Research (cSBO) project. Such a project offers, in the event of scientific success, the prospect of later economic or social applications (in the form of a new generation of products, processes or services). cSBO projects come about by a close interaction between the academic partners and the members of the industrial advisory board. This type of project is exclusively available via the clusters.


The call is open to consortia of:

  • Minimum 2 departments of at least one Flemish research organisation. Strategic research centers (VITO, IMEC, Flanders Make, VIB…) require at least one extra university.
  • Non-Flemish research organisations may participate for less than 20% of the budget.
  •  A significant number of economic/social actors pay for taking part in the industrial advisory board and confirm this by writing a detailed letter of support.

In addition, the cluster requires that:

  • The project has preferably a short duration of 2 years with a budget in the order of 1 to 2 million euro.
  • The yearly fee for participating to the industrial advisory board depends on the size of the company (€ 250 for an SME and € 1000 for a large company) and on the membership level:
    •  Valorisation members: contribution in cash or in kind
    • Talent members: contribution in cash, additionally an in-kind contribution is allowed
    •  Non-members: contribution in cash
  • The administration of the yearly fees is taken up by Flux50 for € 2.500 yearly. The remaining amount will be used for disseminating activities for the project and the topic.


The subsidy percentage is 100% for the research organisations.

Practical info and documents

  • The outcome of your proposal is expected within 4 months after submission.
  • A pre-registration of your project is required one month before the call-deadline to
  • Website for digital submission: click here.
  • Documents: preregistration, submission cSBO, cost model, collaboration agreement, manual cSBO.
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