Feasibility Study


Innovative ideas for the smart energy field that show a positive effect for the Flemish industry, may remain lingering in your mind.

  • Which R&D/innovation activities are the required steps in this promising idea? 
  • What legislative and economic challenges are to be overcome? 
  • How can my idea be replicated on different locations?

In order to evaluate the remaining technological and legislative challenges, the economic feasibility, the potential market impact and the ideal partnership of specific energy products or concepts, submit your idea as a feasibility study.

The renewed VLAIO project type has some important specifications:

  • Ambitious follow-up trajectory within VLAIO (R&D project, ICON project, innovative investments) or outside VLAIO
  • Surpass idea generation, market study or short term problem solving
  • Important part dedicated to experimentally investigating challenging technical aspects; other subjects like business and IP can be handled as well


  • The call is open to consortia of minimum 3 subsidisable companies with activities in the Flemish Region. 

  In addition the cluster requires that:

  • All subsidised partners in a feasibility study are paying members of the Flemish Energy Cluster. 
  • The coordinator is a Flux50 member at valorisation level. For more info contact info@flux50.com.


The subsidy percentage is 40% for large companies and 50% for an SME. The amount of subsidy requested is maximally € 50 000 per partner up to a maximum of € 500 000 per project. A company or its affiliates can only participate in 1 feasibility study per year.

Practical info and documents

  • The outcome of your proposal is expected within 2 months after submission. 
  • A preregistration of your project is required to project@flux50.
  • Website for digital submission
  • Documents: preregistration, template HBS, cost model, manual O&O&HBS
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